Dr. Debra Pearce-McCall
Psychologist and Consultant
integrating mind, brain, and relating

Dr. Pearce-McCall offers a variety of services that address personal, professional, relational, and/or organizational growth and well-being. Her clients are interested in mind, brain, and relationship; and often work in creative and progressive businesses; psychotherapy; medicine and other healing professions; education; law, performing arts, and sports. She works with individuals, couples and other relationships, teams, groups, and organizations.
All services are infused with information and new experiences, helping you reach your personal and professional goals for growth and change while exploring the science and art of well-being. Her approach has been described as integrative, systemic, mindful, nurturing, engaged, inventive, collaborative, and holistic.


   Individual Psychotherapy

Dr. Pearce-McCall combines psychology, relational theories, and mind-body science to bring a holistic approach to personal growth. Many of her clients are in therapy to understand themselves better; to increase their sense of engagement, contentment, and balance in life; to improve their relationships; to change patterns of behavior or thinking that aren't supporting their health and well-being. A collaborative exploration of concerns, symptoms, resources, and strengths, psychotherapy is a time to focus on yourself, your mind, and your life. Whether healing past hurts, calming current distress, or creating and implementing changes from now on, psychotherapy can make a difference.

Our minds emerge from the beautiful kaleidoscopic swirl of relationships, environment, neurobiology, experience, attention, intention, awareness, and more. Become curious, compassionate, and informed about your amazing mind. You will be inspired to take better care of your self, your relationships, and your world.

At this time, Dr. Pearce-McCall is only able to take new clients who are paying privately or using out-of-network insurance benefits.

  Clinical Consultation, Supervision, Training

An AAMFT Approved Supervisor since the 1990s, Dr. Pearce-McCall has years of experience teaching, training, and supervising clinicians of all licensure types, including PhDs, LMFTs, LPCS, LCSWs, MDs, and PMHNPs, individually and in interdisciplinary groups. This work occurred in private consultations, group and agency settings, classrooms and workshops.

She currently consults with licensed mental health therapists, physicians, coaches, and alternative and complementary healthcare practitioners (naturopaths, acupuncturists, somatic professionals and more) who want to become more mindful, intentional, attuned, and impactful in their relationships with patients/clients. She also provides supervision of supervision for licensed mental health professionals who are becoming clinical supervisors, as well as consultation for those who supervise, manage, and lead in any healthcare setting. Her interpersonal neurobiology informed approach weaves knowledge of brain, body, relationship, and mind together with your particular practice arena, methods, and theories, to bring you to a new level of integration in your work.
Interpersonal neurobiology focused study and consultation groups may be available, as well as individual consultation. Hours toward supervision certification or licensure may be possible. (Pre-licensure professionals must have a primary supervisor on site or have other specific arrangements for their own ongoing individual supervision in addition to group participation.)

  Leadership and Organizational Consultation

*If you are a leader interested in a positive, sustainable enterprise that is healthy for body, mind, and planet

*If you are interested in increasing workplace well-being

*If you want to expand your own values-led vision and mindfully manage your business

*If you work in healthcare, psychotherapy, coaching, education, a creative industry, law, or any field where your relationships are a significant part of how you do what you do

*If you are part of a team or organization that wants to learn about being brain-savvy, mind-wise, and heart-smart at work

...You will be interested in an IPNB approach to your leadership and workplace.
Combining information from studies of relational systems, positive psychology, neuroscience, consciousness research, mindfulness studies, and the process of change, IPNB informed consultations can help you, your relationship, your team, or your organization become wiser about putting your minds and brains to work for you. By understanding scientific information and enlivening it with your own experiences, you learn how to walk the spiraling path of integration, which moves your life and the lives of those around you toward integration, coherence, resilience, thriving, and sustainability.

In addition to customized consultation with executives and teams, workshops and trainings are available to take participants on journeys through IPNB applications to leadership and organizations; brain, mind, and well-being in adult relationships at work and home; and sustainability and compassion - the global applications of IPNB.

  Couples and Relationship Therapy and Relationship Consultations

◊ Working on your relationships can be inspiring, powerful, interesting, playful, and serious.
◊ An opportunity to learn more about your self, your partner or family member, and how to enhance and maintain love,            compassion, and communication.
◊ A commitment to value and meaning, joy and pleasure, meeting challenges and resolving conflict.
◊ A continuing opportunity to become more aware, attuned, and compassionate, to your self and others.
◊ A time for reflections, exercises and experiments, using strengths, resources and multiple methods of exploring and learning.

Dr. Pearce-McCall has special expertise in working with: organizational and thought leaders and creative professionals; people in the healing and teaching professions; folks who are consciously attending to making a commitment, becoming engaged or marrying; becoming/being parents or co-parents; adult family members strengthening their relationships; and people interested in mindfulness and/or a mind-brain-relationship perspective.

Many insurance companies provide little or no coverage for relationship therapy or couples counseling, and those that do require that one individual with a mental health diagnosis be the focus of treatment. Contact your behavioral healthcare insurance and ask for specific information about your coverage for couples, marital, or family therapy for adults.

Today, many people are understanding the great benefit of having a trusted and highly trained consultant to help with relationship development, strengthening trust and communication, learning how to understand each others' minds, and living well together. For these reasons, many couples and families see Dr. Pearce-McCall for confidential wellness and relationship enrichment services that they pay for privately.

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